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We Accept Custom Orders

Most of our orders at The Sweet Tea Art Studio are custom orders.  Often times people will see something they like and ask us to tweak it to their specifications–changing the verse, the colors, etc.–or they have a specific verse in mind and we work together to figure out the right look or image to accompany it.  Sometimes we even get orders to recreate something people have seen on Pinterest.  Whatever the case, we are happy to work on  your custom order too!  Simply share your vision with us and we will work together to help create a painting that is just right for you.

Below is an example of two custom orders.  Someone saw a picture on Pinterest of the “O Holy Night” print and asked me to recreate it in red with white text.  Then, someone else saw the finished print we made of the “O Holy Night”  in red.  They liked the look of the painting but wanted a different color with a special verse.  So they did a special order with Philippians 2:16 on a brown painting with white text.  The paintings are very similar but are specific to each customer’s needs.


So take a look around the site, visit our Facebook page and get inspired!  Our paintings make a great addition to your own home and they are also a perfect gift for any occasion.