Sweet Summer

This year, I had the privilege of creating fun paintings for teacher gifts as a thank you for a wonderful year.  I love these mason jars, full of lemonade and the burlap canvas adds an unexpected texture and southern charm.  This was the first time that I was painting several pieces of the same image, so I created a painting assembly line.


It was fun to see all of these paintings slowly transform, taking shape as I added another element to each canvas.  This was the first time we’ve gifted teachers with my artwork.  I was thankful that my kids were excited to give their teachers a canvas.  I think I had been a little worried they would be wishing we had done our usual gift card purchases instead. Thankfully the kids were genuinely excited about their gifts and came home reporting that their teachers had really loved them.

My kids are now officially done with school and we are easing into summertime.  It’s a different kind of busy.  I’m currently completing two more custom orders and then I will be able to start stocking the shop with artwork that is available for purchase.  It’s been fun to start dreaming about pieces to work on.  As I get a stock of available artwork, I’m hoping to approach some local businesses about possibly displaying a couple of pieces.  I found a unique, local coffee store that is actually the store front for a Christian Learning Center.  It’s a neat little place.  The Christian Center is meant to be a place for students to gather to study and dialogue in a place that is supportive of the evangelical Christian perspective.  How perfect to have a cafe in front of a place like that!  Anyways, I don’t know if they need or want any local artwork but it’s a place that I have my eye on as a possible starting point. So, I’m working on multiple pieces and then ….business cards!  Add that on the list of things I never thought I’d do!  🙂


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